Agile Messenger

Agile Messenger 3.85

Connect with contacts on several different chat programs simultaneously

Agile Messenger is the world's premier mobile MSN®, ICQ®, AIM®, and Yahoo!® instant messaging client. Innovative features include our patent pending Push to Talk technology which enables users to send voice messages from mobile to mobile and mobile to PC.

Agile Messenger features include:

  • sending and receiving instant messages
  • Unicode and BIG5 support for international characters
  • split screen messaging interface
  • separate tabs for each conversation
  • conversation history
  • smiley support
  • automatic download and updating of the contact list
  • contact status information and presence management
  • adding, removing, renaming contacts
  • data usage counter
  • auto update downloader and installer
  • picture messaging with camera support
  • "Today" plug-in

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Agile Messenger


Agile Messenger 3.85

User reviews about Agile Messenger

  • by Anonymous

    handy for everybody!.
    This is possibly the application I use most on my Axim. I like being able to keep in touch...   More